Given the competitive landscape in NY Realestate, I thought I would share a couple of practices that can create momentum around establishing a lasting client base and opening the “impossible doors.” I have clients that are established brokers in the city and they have found these insights very helpful.

Establishing a client base, a strong referral network and peers that believe in you requires commitment, effort and an honest assessment of one’s personal behavior.

I will be highlighting practices that will bring more levity and joy into networking and establishing lasting contacts in the industry.

I believe in encouraging my clients to perceive networking as a long term investment: instead of thinking only about getting what you want from the first encounter. Crafting conversations and creating unique networking experiences is a skill and one that can be practiced daily. Think of the long game and where you envision this relationship in the next three years.

  • Networking is about creating open and genuine conversations and conversations require people to listen. Take a genuine interest in others and ask them questions. Think about how you can help them not just about what you need from them.

  • Don't over promise and under deliver. If you say you are going to do something (such as making an introduction) stand by your word. Back up everything you say.

  • Nurturing and developing a relationship over time. Be thoughtful and reach out even if it’s just to check in.

  • Clarity comes naturally when someone is confident in what they are delivering. Once my clients understand how critical it is to be a clear, calm and informed leader in their field— the overwhelm cycle and anxiety becomes a non-issue.

  • ”Sometimes a RESET is the only way forward.” Scott Belsky

  • recommended reading : The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky


The past few months I have learned to fall in love with problems. Many different types of problems. Some in human form. Some in a global form. Some in the form of health care and elder care. I even experienced a problem shaped like a mouse, many mice, real mice, that found their way into my home due to internal building construction.

Each week I tried to renew my focus and my attention, so I could manage the impact of all these challenges. I received a few subtle lessons along the way. My mice problem was insidious. I woke up every morning to find dark, black droppings on the kitchen counter, the stove, in the sink and in our closets. They multiplied and terrorized our home and our dog for weeks. There were exterminators, traps, peppermint oil, repeated calls to management and to the Super of our building. I needed another tactic. Talking to mice nicely and asking them to leave your home is not effective.  Subtracting one thousand dollars from my rent check was. Within in 24 hours ,a team of experts, the Super, the building manager and myself solved the problem. Every hole was plugged and the Little Mouse Roared no more.

The biggest lesson I learned is that all problems eventually change form or take residency across the hall. My 77 year old neighbor has more than three blind mice roaming around her apartment. I shared my tactical efforts with her.

However, just when you think your problems are redirected and resolved, they revisit to remind you that you better make sure you do everything you can to keep steady, balanced and ready for the next storm. I don't think this a negative perspective. I'm starting to see the difference in welcoming and entertaining problems that arise in my relationships, with clients and with the healthcare system. It's another opportunity to learn, to get creative and speak to people that can guide you and answer your questions. Be grateful for these problems, because you become the solver. Problems help us to make sense of our lives and a gain deeper awareness of our place in this world.

Remember, there will come a time when you believe everything is finished, that will be the beginning. What you allow, is what will continue.


Celebrate Tiny Victories

When we finally decide to take the leap and break the patterns of a lifetime, we get the chance to begin again. We wake up earlier, take better care of our bodies and our minds and we start to notice things about our life that we took for granted. Working with a Coach is like hiring a partner that helps you to see all the possibilities and all the tiny victories of your life.

Coaching is a creative collaboration and a partnership:

It is:












Coaching is a way of "being" with another individual which promotes and encourages self-discovery and openness towards taking more effective actions.

It is the act of listening to listen. Live loud enough in your heart and there is no need to speak.