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The New Landscape of Modern Love

We look forward to meeting all of you. This evening is dedicated to exploring and answering questions about relationships and love that we are often too afraid to ask. The urban fairy tale has steered a new course.

When did we start hiding our real desires and our deepest needs? Why are so many women reluctant to ask for help, let someone in and really see them?

We'll be sharing different stories and practices and untangle the ways in which we often get stuck , when all we truly want is to love and to be loved.

With your ticket purchase for the event, you will each be gifted Dr. Anna Yusim's newly released book:

"Fulfilled: How the science of spirituality can help you lead a happier, more meaningful life."

We will have tasty snacks and fresh juices when you arrive. There will also be a surprise for all of you. Wake up Sleeping Beauties and join us for an unforgettable evening.

All our love,

Jacqueline, Anna and Neena